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If you are looking to expand or renovate your existing Box or Fitness Facility, or perhaps start your very own, Weights and Bars not only  has all the latest functional training equipment you will need, we also offer the financing assistance to help you reach your goals. We want to help you grow your business and help you get access to the capital needed to fund your new equipment. Most businesses in the United States lease some or all of their fitness equipment. Leasing your new equipment frees up your capital, allows you a manageable payment schedule and most importantly, allows you to use your equipment and grow your business while paying for your equipment. Our loan and lease financing cover a large variety of fitness equipment including, Dumbbells, Bars and Plates, Floorings, Mats, Rigs, and Racks. Direct financing leases for equipment purchases In a direct financing lease:

  • We purchase all of your equipment directly from the manufacturer, and have it shipped straight to your box’s location.
  • We cover 100% of the cost of the equipment, as well as any fees and expenses related to shipping, delivery, and/or installation.
  • You agree to make a scheduled number of fixed payments over a fixed period of time, after which you own the equipment forever.
Here at Weights and Bars we pride ourselves on carrying the equipment you need and desire locally. Ordering through Internet sites is convenient but we are confident that we can offer a local, friendly purchasing experience that is just as convenient. We enjoy creating relationships with our customers and doing business with familiar faces. Also, don’t forget to ask if your purchase qualifies for free local delivery.
As we continue to grow, we hope to reach and serve the entire Bay Area.
Thank you for all the continued local support!

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