Commercial Seated Leg Curl Machine – Elite Series | Muscle D Fitness

Self-adjusting ankle roller pad accommodates all leg lengths
Pre-stretch adjustment on leg arm allows different pre-stretch
Quick adjusting back rest to line up knee joint with cam axis
Handles next to seat secures users while isolating hamstring muscles
Adjustable thigh pad with handles isolates the legs for effective leg curls.
Articulated seat pad for easy replacement after extended wear
Anatomically correct cam for great hamstring development
200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
62″ L x 44″ W x 64″ H, 535 lb
158 x 112 x 163 cm, 243 kg

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The Elite Series seated leg curl machine from Muscle D Fitness is an essential part of any strength training circuit. It is a highly popular product because it effectively targets the thighs and strengthens the hamstring muscles. We designed our unit to biomechanically precise standards and support proper knee alignment with the cam to maximize activation. This ensures that hamstring curls are performed optimally and users get the best possible results from their lower body workouts.

The low shroud height and space efficient footprint help to create a welcoming gym environment for members. The bright yellow padded lever and graphical instruction decal ensure that users easily understand how to set up and use the machine. The seating position and lap pad are easily adjusted to meet the needs of people with different leg lengths. These thoughtful features help to ensure that circuit training classes operate smoothly and efficiently with minimal time loss between machine changeovers. This adds to the enjoyment for members and helps to keep their heart rate up consistently for greater aerobic and fat-burning results. It can either be used as a standalone leg curl machine or as part of a total body circuit in combination with other units from the Elite Series.


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